At Mix Major, kids (and teens) learn how to create music using digital music technology, regardless of their ability (or desire) to play a traditional instrument, sing, or perform in front of an audience.  


Unlike traditional music education programs, which focus on the performance of an already-written piece of music, Mix Major’s programs focus on the creation of original music based on the interests of the student.  


This creative process is called Music Production , and with a few exceptions, it's not being taught anywhere in our kids' school music programs:  elementary, middle, or high school.


Every kid loves music,  Every kid loves to create.  Every kid has tons of creative ideas.  At Mix Major, kids learn how to those turn their ideas into songs they can share with the world. 


In the process, kids build confidence and self-esteem while developing life-long skills in creativity, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.


In 2018, Mix Major opened its brick-and-mortar Music Technology School for Kids and Teens in Herndon, VA.  Prior to that, Mix Major provided programs in local elementary and middle schools as after-school enrichment, summer camps, interactive assemblies, and in-school classes. 

Registration is open now for Weekly Classes and Day Camps.  Free Trial Classes are also available.

To create a lasting impact on kids beyond the classroom walls, Mix Major creates free educational videos on Teacher TV to help public and private school music teachers learn and teach Music Production.  Teachers can learn for free and immediately pass the knowledge on to their students.


Mix Major was founded by Eric Jao (aka DJ Enferno), whose credits include Madonna, Shakira, & Cirque Du Soleil.

"... build confidence and self-esteem by developing life-long skills in creativity, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration."





Our programs engage even the most introverted of kids.  It includes kids that don't have God-given talent as a musician or performer.   In Mix Major's future programs, it will give kids with disabilities the chance to learn and create music.


All kids can participate in music education.


Our programs teach kids how to listen actively, think critically, communicate confidently, and collaborate effectively.  Kids learn how to find and create inspiration.  Kids build confidence and self-esteem, all while having tons of fun. 


Kids learn skills that position them for success, not just in music, but in life.



With our programs, kids can create the music in their head, as opposed to performing music written on a sheet of paper.  They can create and share music without having to perform it.  Plus, they can make whatever music they choose.  


Creativity plus choice equals engagement, enjoyment, and motivation.


Our programs are equal parts art and science: music and technologyCreativity generates musical ideas.  Technology brings these musical ideas to life.  Think of Mix Major as STEMM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, & Music!


Left brain.  Right brain.  It's the best of both worlds


Kids can make beats, compose melodies and harmonies, write lyrics, and if they like, record vocals.  They can make remixes,  compose full-length original songs, or video game music.  They can create commercial jingles, movie soundtracks, or even ring-tones. 


If they can imagine it, they can create it.  How cool is that? 


Music Production is the process of creating music using digital music technology.  It's the same process that goes into creating the songs that we listen to everyday.


It's equal parts art and science; creativity and technology.  Creativity generates musical ideas like melodies, rhythms, and lyrics.  Technology brings these musical ideas to life.  It lets us record, transform, layer, and arrange these ideas to create new compositions. 


If creativity is the heart and soul of music production, technology is the mind and body.   


Almost zero elementary, middle, and high schools teach Music Production.  To help solve this problem, Mix Major's Teacher TV Youtube channel is creating educational content specifically designed to help  traditional music teachers learn Music Production and Technology so that they can pass this knowledge on to their students.  


See below for a clear explanation of what Music Production is, and why it shoould be taught in every school.






It's equal parts art & science: creativity & technology


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