Credit card or Paypal are required for Monthly Tuition for the Weekly Classes (Virtual and In-Person).


In addition, personal check, money order, or cash is acceptable after registration provided that you're paying for a program in full before classes begin.  Monthly payment by check is not acceptable for the Weekly Classes (Virtual and In-Person).


If paying by check, please mail to:


Mix Major LLC

465 Herndon Pkwy

2nd Floor #200

Herndon, VA 20170


You may also bring a check, money order, or cash in person to the above address.  For money orders or cash, please email info@mix-major to schedule a time to drop it off to be sure someone is there to receive it.






Classes are taught as part of a 12-month long program that begins September of each year, and ends on the last day of August the following year.  For example:  September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.  

A $25 registration fee is required for each program registration (once per calendar year).


Tuition is due monthly and pays for one 55 minute-long class per week, on the same day and time each week.  Tuition is due the day before each month and is automatically debited from the credit card provided at registration on that day.  


To stop automatic debit, the parent must cancel their student's account (see cancelation and refund details below).

Rolling Admission & Proration Policy


Students may register anytime after the start of the program date for a prorated tuition.  Proration is based on the Desired Start Date selected during registration.  For each week missed during the student's first month, tuition is prorated by $25.38 for Weekly Virtual Classes.  That prorated amount is refunded manually shortly after registration.  




Class Type: Weekly Virtual  Classes
Desired Start Date:  April 20, 2020
# classes missed in that month: 2




2 classes missed X $25.38 = $50.76

Refund = $50.76 (manually refunded within 1 week of registration)

On April 31, 2020, your credit card will be charged $109.99 for May.  Each month's tuition is automatically debited from the credit card on file for the following month.







Mix Major reserves the right to cancel any program if the number of registrants is below the minimum.  If a program is canceled after the month's tuition has been paid, parents may transfer their child into a different program (if there's space), use their paid tuition as a credit toward another program, or receive a refund for the month's tuition, minus a prorated amount for any classes already attended.







Monthly payments are the same regardless of the number of classes offered within that month.  This includes months in which Mix Major is closed for the Major Holidays listed below. 


Mix Major will be closed for the following days regardless of what day of the week they fall.  This means there will be no Virtual or In-Person Weekly Classes on these days:


Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving - Thursday & Friday
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Day After Christmas
New Year's Eve
New Year's Day

Mix Major will be open on all other Monday holidays not included on the above list (e.g. President's Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, etc).







Mix Major may elect to cancel in-person classes, camps, and workshops due to inclement weather.  In these cases, Mix Major will either offer a make-up session at no additional charge or refund the prorated tuition for the canceled class.













Cancelations received by email within 24 hours of registration are eligible for a full refund unless one of the following is true


  1. Registration was made within 24 hours of the start of the first class, OR

  2. The registered student had taken the final available spot in the class, thereby stopping further registrations. 


In either of these cases above, cancelation will be eligible for a full refund minus a $75 cancelation fee, or 

full credit for the purchased tuition to be applied to a future Mix Major class or summer camp.


Cancelations received by email more than 2 weeks before the desired start date are eligible for a full refund minus a $75 cancelation fee, or full credit for the purchased tuition to be applied to a future Mix Major class or summer camp.


For cancelations received less than 2 weeks before the desired start date, there are no refunds.  However, the student may take all of their first month's classes.  The student's monthly subscription will be terminated at the end of that month, and there will be no auto-debit the following month.





For cancelations received from the 1st through 14th of the month, student accounts will be terminated at the end of that month.  There will be no auto-debit the following month.

For cancelations received on the 15th or later of the month, students are committed through the end of the following month.   The student's weekly class account will be terminated at the end of that month, and there will be no auto-debit the following month.  For example, if a parent cancels on September 15th, the student may take classes until the end of October.




  1. Email info@mix-major.com with the following information:  

    1. Student Name

    2. Reason for cancelation





Parents must use responsible judgment in cases where their child is sick.  Students need to be fever-free for at least 24 hours before attending class.






Make-up classes are available for unavoidable absences (including injury, illness, or family emergency).  The parent must email info@mix-major.com before the start of the missed class to be eligible. 






To ensure the safest environment possible for the students, the following behavior policy is in place:


  1. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful of each other and the instructor.

  2. Students are encouraged to participate and share their thoughts and ideas. There will, however, be cases where the students will be required to remain silent, for example during the recording of singing vocals or to allow other students or the instructor to speak.

  3. Students must treat the class facility with respect, including all equipment, computers, musical instruments, materials, and furniture.

  4. For In-Person Classes, students will not touch any equipment, computers, or musical instruments until first given permission by the instructor.


The instructor will deal with behavior issues with the following procedure:


  1. Minor issues: the instructor will give a verbal warning to the student.

  2. Repetitive issues: the student will be required to sit outside of the class activity.  The instructor will invite the student to rejoin the class at his or her discretion.

  3. Major issues: the student will be required to sit outside of the class activity for the duration of the class day. The instructor will notify the parents of their child’s behavior by email.


The following behaviors will not be tolerated in any way and may result in the student being dismissed from the class.  At the discretion of the instructor, the student may be required to withdraw from the class with no refund.


  1. Students will not exhibit behavior that poses a physical danger to themselves or others in the class.

  2. Unwanted touching, teasing, physical violence, bullying, and threats are not tolerated and will result in removal from the class facility. In this case, the parent is required to pick their child up immediately and the student may be dismissed from the course with no refund.





Students are required to treat all parts of the classroom with respect and care.  This includes the classroom's:


  1. Computers

  2. Computer Keyboards

  3. Computer Displays

  4. MIDI Keyboards

  5. Headphones

  6. Cables

  7. Accessories

  8. Microphones

  9. Speakers

  10. Desks

  11. Chairs

  12. Walls


If any student damages any of these items, parents are responsible for payment to replace the damaged items.   



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