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Create your music.
Share it with the world.

Online Electronic Music Production School for Kids & Teens

The perfect activity for your music-loving kid.

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Looking for a music activity that your kid will love?

You want your kid to learn music.


But maybe your kid isn’t interested in learning a traditional instrument, or taking singing lessons.  


Or maybe your kid loves playing instruments, but doesn’t look forward to performing in front of strangers.


Or maybe your kid would rather learn to create their own music...but that’s not what traditional music programs teach.


It seems like your kid has no options and that can be frustrating.


Every week, we teach kids from all over North America how to make the music they love.


Kids log off of their video games and social media and log into our classes to discover and express their unique musical creativity.

Happy kids.  Happy parents.


Finally, the perfect activity for your music-loving kid.


Here are our main programs.



[AGES 8-17]

Create your own music in one hour.

No experience required.


self-paced online


Create an original song.

Learn your core skills.


live online WEEKLY classes

Develop into an electronic music producer while connecting with like-minded peers.


live online

Jumpstart your creativity

in this 5-week course.

Here are a few more.


Here's what to expect.

Live Online Classes

Your kid can learn from anywhere in the world.  They can learn from home after school, or even while away on vacation.


No need for coordinating car rides to drop off and pick.  Put your extra time to good use!


Learn Creativity

Your kid will build confidence as they discover and share their creative musical talents. 

This creativity will set your kid up for future success as problem-solvers and innovators in any industry.

Learn Technology

Your kid will use software that the pros use, giving them a head start on a career in music.

This will also set your child up for future success in other areas of tech, like computer science, coding, and engineering.


Structured Curriculum

Our structured curriculum will keep your kid moving forward on their learning path.


On-demand video lessons allow your child to learn and practice whenever they want, even outside of the classroom.

Here are your next steps.


1. Try a free class

2. Enroll

3. Enjoy

Enjoy your child's excitement as they create and share their own music.


Your kid can make music that your kid loves.

Traditional music programs are extremely beneficial, but they don't focus on kids creating their own music.


With us, your kid’s creativity is priority #1.


We’ll give your kid the tools to create whatever music they can imagine.


And before you know it, your kid will be creating music...with confidence and pride... and sharing it with the world.


Your kid will be happy, and you’ll be proud.


Here's what parents are saying.
(Happy kids. Happy parents.)


Cait (Age 11)


She gets to work on her computer skills, music skills, and general creativity.  She even works on it in her spare time and she is super proud of the projects she completes. 

Kevin (Father)



He's now taking weekly classes, has created several songs, and because of what he's learned and the confidence it's given him he created an entire album of music.

Kirsten (Mother)

roel 1.jpg


He is one of 87 students nationwide to attend the 2021 Virtual Grammy Camp.  We owe a great deal to Mr. Jao for his continued guidance and mentorship through Mix Major!"

Marlan (Father)

Britton (Age 13)

Roel (Age 18)

Here's what you'll get.

Group Lessons

Learning and connecting with classmates will motivate and inspire your child to grow creatively and socially.

Expert Instructors

Your child will learn from expert instructors with industry experience and knowledge of current music trends.

1-on-1 Coaching

Your child will get the individual attention they need to learn effectively.

Software Discount

As a Mentorship Program student, you qualify for the 40% student discount on the Music Production software.


Sharing Sessions

Feedback from classmates and instructors will build your kid’s confidence and motivate them to improve.

Free Technical Support

Schedule free technical  support calls to get help with technical issues so your kid can keep making music.

Frequently Asked Questions


Want to talk?

Schedule a call and an instructor will answer all of your questions and give you a preview of your child's learning experience.

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