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Create an original song.
Learn your core skills.

Self-paced online Electronic Music Production course for kids & teens.

Learn from anywhere, anytime.

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Looking for high-quality music-making lessons for your kid? 

Can't find a program that fits your schedule?

You love the idea of your child learning to make their own music.

But your options might feel limited.  In-person lessons are likely unavailable in your area.

Live online classes (with Mix Major, of course)  sound like a great idea, but maybe there aren't any classes that fit your child's schedule.

Maybe your kid has been trying to learn on their own but is tired of digging through an endless amount of low-quality Youtube tutorials.

We've been teaching kids and teens how to create their own music since 2015 with our unique music-making curriculum.

With our Core self-paced online course, your child can learn that same curriculum...from anywhere, anytime.

After this course, your child will have the core skills to create whatever music they can imagine.


Here's what to expect.


Create an original song

Your kid will learn how to create an original song...from experience required.

Your kid will build confidence while learning the core skills to create whatever music they can imagine.

Easy-to-follow Videos

All lessons are taught using short, step-by-step video lessons. 

Through our easy-to-follow lessons, your kid will always be engaged and motivated to learn more.


Expert Instructor

Your instructor for this course is a DJ, musician, and DJ that's toured the world with Madonna and performed for over 3 million people in over 36 countries.

You can feel confident your kid is learning from the best.

Want to try it for free?

Click "Preview" & try Drums Level 1 for free.

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Here's how to get started.


1. Enroll

Enroll your child in our Core self-paced online course.

2. Learn

Your child will learn how to create their own original song.

3. Enjoy

Enjoy your child's excitement as they create and share their own music.


Your kid deserves the best.

Your kid doesn't have to waste time scouring through low-quality Youtube tutorials that are catered to adults.

With our Core self-paced online course, your child will get high-quality, easy-to-follow, and structured lessons that are designed for kids and teens


Your instructor has created music for Madonna, Shakira, Cirque Du Soleil, and Linkin Park.  He's also toured the world as a DJ, including playing residencies in Las Vegas.

You can feel confident your kid is getting the quality they deserve.

Before you know it, you'll be enjoying your kid's excitement as they share their first song with you.


Here's what parents are saying.
(Happy students. Happy parents.)

Ben (Age 10)


"It’s benefitted me because he is learning and creating music. It’s benefitted him because he has an outlet for his creativity that he enjoys." 

Shona (Mother)


"He’s happy to be able to apply the music theory he’s studied over years of piano lessons toward making contemporary digital music."


"She has learned a new skill and a creative outlet. I’m happy she found way to express her creativity. "

Michael (Age 14)

Mari (Mother)

Sasha (Age 15)

Sue Ying (Mother)

Here's what you'll get.

5 Main Modules

Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything your child needs to know to create their own music.

Written Guides 

Step-by-step written guides with screenshots, will make your child’s learning experience even easier.

Bite-size Video Lessons

Short video lessons (around 2-3 minutes) will keep your kid engaged, and allow them to learn in easy-to-digest steps.


Quizzes will reinforce important concepts and help your child learn more effectively.

Technical Support

Having technical trouble? We can help you set up your computer so your kid can start  making music.

Meet your instructor.


As a musician, DJ, and producer with 30+ years of experience, I’ve learned a lot about how to create good music and how to connect with listeners.  


As a father of two, I understand the importance of letting your kids discover their interests and develop their talents.


As an educator, I’ve made it my mission to help young people everywhere discover their “inner beatmaker” and make the music they love.


I’ve lived my dream as an artist by traveling the world with Madonna and making a living through music.


I feel truly blessed to realize a second dream...using music and creativity to make a positive impact on the lives of kids

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