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Are you a music educator?  Are you interested in learning (for free) how to use music technology to complement and enhance your curriculum?  Would you like to teach your students how to create and record their own music?  Would you like to connect with other like-minded music educators?


A huge part of Mix Major's goal is to empower kids and teens with music technology education.  This includes teaching music educators the skills they need to impact their own students.  


To this end, Mix Major offers the following resources for music educators.​


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The Mix Major - Teacher TV is a free music technology resource geared specifically for music educators.  Available on the Mix Major Youtube channel and Facebook Page, these videos provide:


  • Tutorials on music production and technology

  • Free download links for music production software templates

  • Tips and workflows for integrating music technology into classrooms

  • Teacher Features: interviews and behind the scene's shots of in-class programs


The content on this channel is for music educators (Grades 3-12), who want to:


  • Learn Music Production (i.e. how to use software to create music)

  • Teach basic level Music Production to their students, and

  • Integrate technology into their class curriculum


Click here to subscribe to the Mix Major Youtube channel.  

Teacher TV - Music Technology Resource for Music Educators
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The Mix Major - Teacher Connect Facebook Group is a community of music educators who are interested in learning about music technology, and how to integrate it into their classrooms.   In the group, educators get free music technology tips and advice.  Educators can also connect, share, and collaborate with each other while learning music technology tips and workflow ideas for their classrooms. 


Click here to join the Teacher Connect Facebook Group.

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