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Interactive Music Technology Assemblies
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In the Interactive Assembly, Mix Major's founder Eric Jao (aka DJ Enferno) combines DJ'ing, live music performance, music technology, and audience participation to teach students how modern music is made while inspiring them to achieve great things.


The Assembly is part music, part technology, part motivational, and 100% fun.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The kids had a great time...from the little ones all the way to sixth grade....incredibly engaged...incredibly inspiring."  - Miriam (Kent Gardens Elementary - PTA VP Events - Fairfax County, VA)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  "We just had the best assembly today.  It was very engaging, they loved it, and quite honestly, I've never seen the students so well behaved.  Everyone had fun.  There was tons of participation.  You need to get him to come to your school!" - Amy (Flint Hill Elementary - School Counselor - Fairfax County, VA) 




Eric has DJ'ed all over the world, toured with Madonna, and produced music for Shakira, Cirque Du Soleil, Steve Aoki, and Linkin Park.  Eric uses his music-industry career path as a platform to deliver key messages on the importance of creativity, self-confidence, discipline, and hard work

Also a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Tech and the University of Virginia, Eric offers a unique perspective on career possibilities after TJ.  One of Eric's key messages is that TJ grads can have successful careers in music if they can find a healthy balance between academics and the arts.  This can be particularly valuable for elementary and middle school kids that aspire to attend TJ.


The Interactive Music Technology Assembly is an ever-evolving show where Eric continues to find fun ways of engaging kids (and faculty).  One thing that remains constant: the show is super interactive, educational, entertaining and inspirational.

The show starts off with an interactive electronic music performance that immediately grabs the attention of the audience.  As the ​show continues, the audience participates in a number of activities that teach concepts in music, technology, and creativity.

The assembly space is transformed into a gigantic music studio.  Students also become artists and musicians, with volunteers on-stage making beats and creating melodies.  Students' voices are sampled and transformed on-the-spot.  The entire audience joins in the fun with Eric conducting chants, claps, and stomps while performing live on beat pads and keyboards to create music in real-time.


Throughout the show, Eric teaches skills in creativity, brainstorming, active listening, and improvisation.  He emphasizes the importance of these skills in and out of the classroom while engaging everyone in a uniquely educational and entertaining experience.  In the end, students and even faculty are inspired to create their own music.


The Assembly is tailored to the audience depending on the age group. The performances, activities, and key messages will vary based on whether the students are in elementary school, middle school, or high school. 


Elementary School
Middle School
High School

400 per assembly
Up to 1 hour

Ask about a free 3-Hour live-online Music Production Workshop for your school's music teachers