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Ally (Mother)

"Aidan has been with Mix Major for about a year, he has been learning classical piano and always interested to try different music programs. Mix Major’s music production classes are definitely the ones Aidan enjoyed the most. During Aidan’s leisure time, he is always on the Ableton software trying different features he learned in the classes.


Aidan’s music production teacher at Mix Major, Mr. Jao, is the main reason he stayed on for the entire year. Mr. Jao’s classes are very interactive, he always makes learning fun. He also customizes each students’ learning plan so that they can work on their own projects offline. Aidan is usually quite shy, but for his Mix Major classes, he was always so proud to showcase his unique productions with a large group of students in the music sharing sessions organized by Mr. Jao!! It is really amazing to see how kids of different ages enjoy creating and producing music they are proud of.

My kid’s entire experience with Mix Major has been very positive. I’m really glad I found this online music production school during Covid, hopefully the skills he learned in the class would inspire him for many years to come. "

Student Spotlight: Aidan
AIDAN C - Sharing Session #1 (May 27, 2021)

AIDAN C - Sharing Session #1 (May 27, 2021)

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