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Marlan M (Father)

"As a 14 year old, my son Roel started to take a more keen interest in music. On long rides, instead of listening to music on his headphones I encouraged him to play his music on the car audio, judgement free.  We really got a chance to dig into his own analysis on everything from conventional hip hop, female rappers and trap music.

Although Roel was reluctant when we first signed him up to his first MixMajor class in 2018, he really enjoyed learning how to structure his music, utilize a range of samples, and become really competent with Ableton to create his own songs.  By the time he presented his music at the listening session at Soundcheck in the fall of 2019, he really started to spread his wings in terms of music production. 

“I enjoy finding the ingredients to make a good cake.  That’s kinda like making music you enjoy hearing, you want to know what it takes to make good music,” Roel M.

It’s easy to see Eric Jao’s commitment to music, from his days as one of Northern Virginia’s best turntablists, his LiveRemix Project, to building one of the first music production schools in the area.  MixMajor has really helped my son gain confidence with a range of tools associated with music production.  Even better that Eric was able to pivot to online learning as quickly as he did too!

Roel just graduated high school and has plans to major in engineering in college. He is also one of 87 students nationwide to attend the 2021 Virtual Grammy Camp held by the Grammy Museum for Audio Engineering this summer. 


We owe a great deal to Mr. Jao for his continued guidance and mentorship through Mix Major!"

Student Spotlight: Roel
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