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George (Father)

"Our child has really enjoyed Mix Major's DJ'ing/music production program!  It started with a summer camp a few summers ago but since we are not local, we could not attend the regular weekday classes.


It was great to see Eric be so adaptive during the pandemic and really grow his online platform to allow our child to now attend the weekly classes.  There aren't too many silver linings from this pandemic but this is one of few.  It's neat to see kids with similar music interests from all over the country now in these classes.  


Eric has also arranged, from time to time, extra workshops exposing the students to a variety of people in the music industry which gives the students a wider perspective of real life applications that are possible from these classes.  


Our child in general would not sit still long enough to appreciate regular musical instrument lessons but this program has helped to increase the interest in music. Our piano is getting more use now and  there is a much higher level of excitement for orchestra class in middle school.  


Who knows where this class can take our child, but the new appreciation for music and instruments makes the program well worth it."

Student Spotlight: Ethan

Ethan recently earned an almost perfect score in the 2021 TI:ME Composition Festival for his remix of "My Old Kentucky Home".  Great work Ethan!