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Tired of Escape Rooms?  Had enough of bowling or Top Golf outings?  Are obstacle courses leaving some of your team feeling uncomfortable?  Are "trust falls" out of the question?  


If you're looking for a fresh and unique approach to Team Building, look no further. 


Mix Major Team Building connects team members through Music Production...the process of creating original music.  That means making beats, creating chords, and composing melodies using professional-grade music technology.  


No experience is required.  All that's required are: creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.  

Can't meet in person?  Your team can meet virtually in Mix Major's Virtual Team Building workshops.

Everyone connects to music. Mix Major Team Building uses music and creativity to connect people to each other.

Request a quote and make your next team building activity a memorable one.



Equipped with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) industry-standard software, your workmates transform into electronic music producers - creating a Spotify-ready album of original songs.

Participants make beats, create melodies and chords, and arrange audio to produce a song from scratch.  Believe it or not, no music training or music production experience is required.

All that's required are:

  • Creativity

  • Problem-solving

  • Collaboration

  • Communication​

The Mix Major Team Building Workshop ends in an Album Listening Session for your entire team.  At the end of the workshop, you'll have a digital copy of your album to share with the world.

In-Person Workshops can take place at the Mix Major in Herndon, VA or on-site at your location.  

Virtual Workshops take place through Zoom's video-conferencing platform.

Mix Major
465 Herndon Pkwy
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Client On-Site
20 Participants (at Mix Major or Virtual)
30 Participants (at Client On-Site)
Half Day: 2 to 4 Hours
Full Day: 7 Hours
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  • Teams practice creative, collaboration, and problem-solving skills that foster an effective teamwork environment.

  • Participants learn artistic skills in music composition and production.

  • Non-management level team members have the opportunity to practice leadership skills.



  • Workshop design focuses the entire team on a shared goal.

  • Cross-functional company team members have a unique opportunity to work together, improving intrateam relationships.

  • Leaders and employees bond socially on a level playing field.

  • Participants learn how to create an environment of creative thinking and open communication.




  • Company leaders gain reinvigorated employees motivated to drive innovation in the workplace.

  • Company leaders gain insight into their employees' creative and problem-solving skills.

  • Songs created are owned by the company and can be used in company marketing and advertising, royalty-free.  

  • Company leaders may discover employees' hidden skills, strengths, and talents.​



    • Teams receive digital audio files of all songs created.  

    • Teams receive links to stream and share their music.


    • Teams receive professionally shot pics and a highlight video.  This is included with In-Person Workshops only.



Q: "I'm sold! How can I book a workshop?"


Click here and request a quote.  You'll get a response within a business day.  

Q: We can't meet in-person, but I'm interested in a virtual workshop.  For the Virtual Team Building Workshops, what equipment and software is required?

Each team member will need a Windows or Mac computer (sorry, Chromebooks won't work), the music software (Ableton Live 10), and video meeting software (Zoom).  

1) Computer (Windows or Mac) with some headphones/earbuds or built-in computer speakers:  


2) Ableton Live 10 Software (Download the 90-Day Free Trial Version):


3) Zoom (Video Meeting Software): 

Q: "Can we do the in-person workshop at my company location or conference or retreat location?  What type of space is required?"

Absolutely!  Your facilitator will bring all laptops and equipment to your location.  All that's required is enough table space for the laptops and Launchpad grid controllers (about 2 feet wide with the laptop and Launchpad placed side by side) and enough chairs for your team members.

Q: "Can we do the in-person workshop at the Mix Major location in Herndon? Is there an advantage to having the workshop there?"


​It's definitely great to have the workshop at Mix Major in Herndon, VA.  The Mix Major music lab has workstations with 24" screens, additional music equipment, and a built-in sound system.  If you're looking to get the team out of the office, and you're not too far from Herndon, this is an ideal location for the workshop.

Q: "After the workshop, do we own the music?"


​Yes.  All the music you create is yours.  All of the sounds and audio samples used in the workshop to create your music are royalty-free.  This means you have a perpetual license to use these sounds and audio samples.  In other words, you have a royalty license to use the sounds and audio samples and you own the finished products and can do with them as you wish.

Q: "How much do Mix Major Team Building Workshops cost?"

The price is based on a few factors including the number of participants, location, and date of the workshop.  The price is lower when held at Mix Major in Herndon, VA.  Request a quote and get your pricing within a business day.

Q: "What's the maximum number of participants?"

It depends on the location.  For In-Person Workshops at Mix Major's location in Herndon, VA, the limit is 20 participants with 2 team members per workstation.  At other locations (for example company on-site or off-site), the limit is 30 participants per workshop.

For Virtual Workshops, the limit is 20 participants.

Q: "Is this just for corporate teams?  What about youth sports teams or other community groups?"

Mix Major Team Building Workshops are great for everyone.  Youth sports teams and other community groups are welcome to participate.

Q: "What are the days and times of the week available?"

We can schedule workshops any day of the week, but for the most part, workshops take place Monday - Thursday during normal business hours.  Workshops during those hours will have the best possible pricing.  Workshops may also be scheduled on certain holidays (e.g. Veteran's Day, Columbus Day).


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